Investigative Services

Go Protective Services Pty Ltd (GPS) can help prepare pre–trial criminal and civil litigations, involving specialised investigations and potential undercover operations. With extensive experience and evidence gathering knowledge we can collate and prepare evidence for trial.

This may often require the location and interviewing of witnesses, who are likely to be the most valuable asset to your hearing. Our clients include the legal profession and private clients. Evidence gathering in an investigation may involve overt or covert surveillance and photographic / video evidence. GPS has the experience and equipment to gather professional high definition information and evidence.

Employee Theft

Employee theft is a huge issue within most organisations. To ignore this problem only leads to a growth of criminal activity. Go Protective Services Pty Ltd can conduct corporate investigations and surveillance to provide “court ready” evidence if you have a problem such as financial or property theft (intellectual or physical) or loss of confidential information from your company. Employees may even be providing information to the opposition – knowingly or unknowingly.

GPS ensures that evidence gained is done in lawful manner that does not allow any chance to be disallowed in a criminal or civil hearing. This will give business and industry the best opportunity to dismiss or prosecute employees as deemed appropriate. As investigators we undertake a full Security Risk Assessment and Appraisal of security operations.

Skip Tracing


Skip Tracing is the practice of locating a ‘missing’ individual who has either disappeared intentionally or perhaps criminal activity has occurred. By using modern data mining techniques and complex web investigations afforded via the internet present a good starting point. Coupled with traditional investigative methods such as site & personal visits, phone calls, cold calling and utilising trusted & secure connections will give good opportunity for a successful outcome.

GPS Pty Ltd has the means and experience to maximise these options in such investigations


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We have achieved AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management System (QMS). It supports transparent processes and (communication) structures, tasks, and responsibilities throughout our organisation. The QMS provides internal policies and procedures that cover all aspects of a world-class system, including planning and leadership, document control, monitoring, analysis, auditing and more.

ISO 45001:2018 provides requirements for an effective occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system. This system will help us reduce injuries and accidents in our workplace, as well as continually improve the OH&S performance of our business.