Divorce Proceedings, Custody Hearings and Civil Disputes

Divorce proceedings and custody hearings are extremely stressful on all parties involved and further complicated with children involved. The process can be emotionally and financially draining and presents many difficult scenarios. Some parties may avoid being located, many assets are not declared and they become a protracted and complex process. The same scenario presents itself in many civil hearings such as VCAT hearings and matters heard in Magistrates Courts.

Often circumstances of domestic abuse, violence and abandonment arise that needs urgent attention. The expedient and legal delivery of courts documents is an important part of the process that helps lead to the matter being dealt with and final closure. GPS understands that not all persons are able to do this onerous administrative task alone. GPS understands the required legal approach in dealing with these emotional situations.

GPS understands the business of process serving and offers a discreet, confidential and professional approach to all circumstances. We provide a service that is designed to complete service of any document in a low key professional manner.

A Divorce Application which must be served within 28 days of the Court hearing date, is usually personally served by process servers globally, and in Australia these matters are handled either in the Family Court or the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

The service of Divorce Papers follows a very exact path of process.

Once the relevant papers have been served on the Respondent the acknowledgement of service signed by the Respondent is then returned to you along with the sworn affidavit of the process service, ready for filing in the relevant Court on behalf of the Applicant. If the Respondent refuses to sign the acknowledgement of service, the sworn affidavit acts as evidence or proof of the service.

GPS Investigations will request a photograph of the person, if available, to help us identify the person, and any possible conflicts arise our investigators are skilled to handle such scenarios. Occasionally a Respondent may deny their identity or refuse to accept service of these documents, so these documents are then dropped at their feet, and a sworn affidavit of the service will be provided by the process server as proof of service. This is a standard accepted practice.

Substituted Service

If we have been unable to effect service we can apply to the relevant Court for an order for Substituted Service if a person appears to be avoiding service.

This can also include Facebook service where family law and other documents are served, electronically, Australia wide and globally.


The Privacy Act 2000 (Cth) is also taken into consideration in relation to the strict confidentiality of all our work, as we are fully aware

of the importance of security and discretion. Under the National Privacy Principles, GPS Pty Ltd protect the privacy of your personal information as a priority.

Confidentiality is not negotiable in any GPS Pty Ltd investigation.


GPS Pty Ltd charges the standard court rates as determined by each Court. We communicate regularly with all our clients who can often facilitate the service,

by supplying us with information such as identity of the person, their place of employment, or the most appropriate time they may be at a specific location.


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