October 4, 2016




GPS has professionally trained and experienced surveillance personnel. It is a specialised field of operation that requires personnel who are who are always equipped with the latest state of the art video cameras and technology. The evidence, identification photographs, and reports / briefs of provided will always be admissible in any court hearing. The factual reports are professionally prepared with accurate and concise information, as will be prepared with corroborating video evidence and investigators notes and observations recorded at the time.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Go Protective Services Pty Ltd (GPS) can service your home, business, industry, warehouse or office so if you believe someone may be video or listening to your operations. Importantly if you suspect this to be the case then it is imperative that to contact GPS away from your suspected operational site.

GPS offers technical counter measure surveys to identify the original source of internal theft and or unauthorized disclosure of company information or technology. There are a few common factors that could lead to such activity. Inadequate or poorly monitored security company procedures can lead to leaked confidential information by employees, or incorrect disposal of sensitive documents in designated dumpsters instead of shredders. Electronic counter surveillance “sweeps” can detect and accurately identify active eavesdropping devices both in domestic and commercial situations.


Electronic Surveillance

Go Protective Services also provide devices that can:

  • Recover deleted data from mobile phones, desktop computers, and standard storage devices such as hard drives and camera SD cards.
  • Identify user activity on desktop computers such as internet-based chat
  • Recover and bypass account passwords on Windows-based computers.
  • Record voice data.


GPS Tracking

  • Track vehicles using GPS.


GPS has the and technology capacity to accurately determine where a vehicle has travelled, how fast they drove, where they stopped and for how long. The recorded data and satellite images received can then be viewed on a street map or in a text report.

Any doubts as to the actual and accurate use and location of company vehicles and associated equipment can be established and confirmed.

This covert method of detection can eliminate the risk of exposure to surveillance depending on the circumstances.